Recall Healing

Among innovative ways for psychological diagnostic there is interesting method based on revealing of deep emotional traumas and conflicts related to childhood’s experience. It is called Recall Healing. The basis on which it was developed is the scientifically proven connection between the mind and the body (Ryke Geerd Hamer, 2007).

Recall Healing is a synthesis of 30 years experience in the background of Naturopathy, Emotions and Subconscious; it integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specialization, recognized scientific research and various observations on the plant, animal and human realms.

Recall Healing based on the work of Gilbert Renaud, PhD , Claude Sabbah with Total Biology & Gerard Athias with Biopsychogenealogy and Biology of the physiology; Ryke Geerd Hamer with his concept of New Medicine.

Recall Healing modality considers a human being as a “triad”: psyche, automatic brain and body. A disease is quite often the automatic brain’s response to a stress that occurred in the person’s life. Unsolved emotional conflicts often create the program within the mind. This program may be fully activated due to sudden emotional shock and triggers a disease development. The Recall Healing specialist helps patients to “recall”. When the patient realize the true reason for his illness it can facilitate the whole healing process. The author of this method is Canadian researcher Gilbert Renaud, PhD (Renaud, 2010). He has thirty years of experience as a professional in the field of holistic health.

We use this method to discover hidden emotional conflicts of patients which probably cause their diseases.