Innovative psychological diagnostics

In our practice we use innovative devices ("Activaciometr", "BioTest") which by measuring specific physical parameters enable to draw the conclusions relating the strength – weakness of the central nervous system, its lability, time spread of the work process efficiency, sensitivity, susceptibility to psychosomatic illnesses.

Our equipment allows also to define the leading thinking processes which correspond to the dominance of one of the brain hemispheres (Roger Wolcott Sperry, 1980). Each hemisphere dominates in controlling different functions. Brain researchers ascribe to the right hemisphere a holistic (comprehensive) and intuitive way of cognition in contradiction to a more rational and analytical functioning of the left hemisphere. Usually one of the hemispheres is dominant. It is important for the understanding of the way of communication of a man with the external world, it helps in interpersonal contacts, in discovering the stimuli which cause specific emotional and physiological reactions.

With the use of innovative devices it is possible to diagnose, apart from the functional asymmetry of the hemispheres, the degree of one's self-control in extreme situations and self-regulation of psychic conditions, its psycho-emotional stability, the predisposition to undertake risks.

We are working also with neurofeedback devices.  

Biometrical research of features of personality type

It is based on Carl Jung theory of Psychological Types,  MBTI types concept and socionics.

Research is conducted on photographs (licensed psychological professional program)

Results of this research help to understand:

- Personality type (one from sixteen)

- Strong and weak features of personality

- How person register reality (sensation vs intuition)

- How person assigns a value (thinking type vs feeling type)

- How person process received information (judging vs perceiving)

- Direction of one' s activity (extraversion vs introversion

- Best areas for professional activity

- Reasons for problems in interpersonal communication

-  Own possibilities  for effective communication

In marriage counseling:

- Kind of intertype relations of partners

- How to adjust communication style of partners. 

Research is realised by Victoria Dunaeva, PhD in humanistic sciences, sociologist and clinical psychologist, co-founder of Activus Aspectus. Innovative Laboratory (Warsaw)

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