About us

Our task is psychological and medical support of people in difficult life situations: dealing with heavy diseases, emotional conflicts, consequences of psychotraumas.

We help to keep good emotional condition and physical health, to solve complicated inner conflicts which disorganize life, to overcome depressions and nervous breakdown, in case of psychosomatic and autoimmune diseases and also in those situations in which traditional medicine doesn’t give any hope. We support also those people who lost satisfaction and joy in their lives.

Our practice is based on experience of conventional and alternative medicine, clinical psychology and contemporary techniques of psychotherapy.

We use innovative equipment for psychological diagnostics and for assessment  of adaptability of the organism, its capacity for recovery, the meridians energy level and the psycho-emotional stability of person which depends on many factors, including the strength-weakness of the nervous system and its lability.

We do believe that the reasons of each disease are deep hidden emotional conflicts, wrong mental attitude and lack of spiritual integrality.

Activus Aspectus. Innovative Laboratory” was founded in order to fill the emptiness in connection between psyche and body level.

“Activus Aspectus” is created by doctor of internal medicine and clinical psychologist with many years experience and holistic attitude to human health.

We are the members of European Academy of Natural Sciences in Hannover, European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies  and Polish Society For EMDR Therapy.